This course consists of two sub-courses:

  • Conveyor Tech

The ConveyorTech option package is used for gripping, processing or setting down workpieces on a conveyor of any type. The precondition for this is that the position of the workpiece at a defined point in time is known by means of a synchronization signal (photo-electric barrier).

  • Vision Tech

KUKA.VisionTech is used to determine and correct the position of a robot relative to the position of a component with the aid of one or more cameras. Up to 3 cameras may be operated simultaneously with the system.



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Course Curriculum

Installing or updating ConveyorTech
Configuration in WorkVisual – overview
Modifying global and conveyor-specific parameters
Calibrating a conveyor
Calibrating the workpiece on the conveyor
Programming for user group “User”
Creating conveyor application programs
Teaching synchronized motions
Creating conveyor application program with DLIN template
System messages from module: Conveyor
Start-up for a stationary and moving camera – overview
Connecting cameras to the robot controller
Configuring the Ethernet KRL interface
Configuring the camera network
Configuring cameras
Configuring verification of the calibration
Configuring a 2D or 3D measurement task - overview
Setting up an image processing task in WorkVisual
Configuring a 2D or 3D task
Generating a 2D or 3D model
Programming for Visiontech


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      F-3-16, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
      (+60)3 8073 2780
      (+60)3 8073 2688


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