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In view of the near zero industry knowledge and awareness of today’s University graduates, the industry is facing shortage of talented in both academic and skillful fresh engineers to fulfill the increase technology demands and needs. In the University, students are taught and prepared in terms of academics. Many students obtained the academic certificate without knowing what are the applications that follows. Hence they are not prepared for the real life industry.

Unidustry awared about this phenomena and understand that the preparation of University students towards the industry starts from the University and during the student’s academic years. Not only limited to industrial trainings, final year projects or researches. Therefore, Unidustry initiated “Bridging University to Industry” and put it into practise.

Unidustry gathers around the most renowed industrial technology providers in the market, selecting the basic to elementary industrial training programs, and provides them to the University students in the same manner as providing to the industry trainees. Hence, the name “Industrial Based Courses and Training (IBCT) Program” is derived.

Students that succesfully undergone the training program will be issued a certificate that bares the presenting University and the product principle’s logo and recognition. This certificate is then widely recognized by all industries in the market. University graduates that bares such relevant industrial trained certificate, shall be in the wanted list in those relevant fields in the industries.

In line with today’s modern industry requirements, Unidustry initiated practical Industrial 4.0 into majority of it’s courses and trainings. An advance move that synchronize with the new phase of industrial revolution in the world. Unidustry is strived toward the centre of exellence for practical industrial 4.0 development as the industrial training platform.


The Industrial Based Courses & Training program (IBCT) is designed to enable students of the University to expose and prepare themselves for the various industries that they will be exploring into when they have graduated. This would be of great help either for their year-end projects with the University, internship substitution, or when they are into job seeking and placement in the future.

Courses/Trainings Target

Driven and supported by our collaboration corporate partners and universities, our Industrial Based Courses and Engineering (IBCT) Program for both University students and school leavers are designed to be directly relevant to immediate hired and demanded by industries.

The IBCT consists of various courses starting with the faculty of engineering, i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Civil, Petrochemical and Design & Build. The program may extend to other disciplines and fields in time as it progresses.

The Cooperation

The IBCT program is run in cooperation between Universities and the well-known industrial corporations. Courses & Trainings are designed and delivered by the industrial corporation trainers with the use of University facilities. Length and content of courses are to be determined by industrial corporations in either through preschedule or on demand basis.


Each IBCT course & training would be completed with a certification test by the trainers. Certified passed students/trainees will receive a certificate endorsed by the respective industrial corporation and presenting Universities. The IBCT certificate will therefore be widely recognized by the industries.

Other Events

The IBCT is not limited to classroom or laboratory teaching and training. IBCT shall offer participations on research, interaction, competition, seminars & forums that are organized by corporations in the industry.

Who Should Attend

There is no restriction to the University students or external trainees. The IBCT is designed for both University students and trainees from the existing industries. Therefore, students may meet the “already in industry” trainees in the classes for better experience exchange. Unless otherwise based on the course content.

Reaching Out

IBCT begins offering available courses/training to University students and industries in the field. In the roadmap, it will also be reaching out to other Universities, Colleges, Institutions, Vocational and Skill Development Centres. Student and course exchange is part of the future agenda.


IBCT courses/trainings for the industries in the field are subject to HRDF claimable. Therefore courses/training offered by the participating corporations are to be evaluated and endorsed by HRDF department.


Students/trainees undertaking any of the IBCT designed courses/training are subject to fees according to courses/trainings offered. The fee various in accordance to course/training type, level, duration and equipment involved. Participating corporations trainers are also be paid for each course conducted accordingly.

Venue & Time

The IBCT courses/trainings are to take place in University training & lab facilities only. External students/trainees are to be present at designated University location for the respective course/training. Date and time will either be prescheduled or on mutually defined basis.

How to Participate

The IBCT shall commence in September 2018. Participating corporations are invited to send in proposed courses to offer for evaluation purpose. Interested participating corporations are required to sign an annual participating agreement on trainers’ commitment and fee payable.

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